Hey folks!  Just a quick update here to let you know about recent happenings and such. Continue Reading »


Greetings, all!  North Carolina is doing that weird thing today where it’s snowing after a day in the 60s yesterday, and while I’m lazing around the apartment and procrastinating from doing schoolwork I figured I would take the time to announce that my guest post for Taste of Cinema is live!

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Hello all!  This is a brief update to let you all know about an exciting development: I have written a guest post for the film blog Taste of Cinema.

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Another Update

Hello, dear readers!  Wow, it’s been…what, four months?  I apologize for the lack of updates; Life has a way of interfering with the best-laid plans (and even those that are not the best laid).  First graduate school got in the way, then some personal matters came up, then graduate school and the personal matters combined so that I was left cowering under my bed with my dog.  Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but in any case I was unable to update for quite some time.  However, I am dealing with the personal matters and am going to be doing graduate school part-time instead of full-time for the foreseeable future, which should leave more time for blogging. Continue Reading »


Hey folks!  Yes, I am alive.  You may have been wondering given my long absence, but rest assured that I am still here.

I wanted to post a quick update in explanation of what’s going on at the moment and why it will likely be a while before I can post another review.  I have just begun a graduate program, and I am currently caught up in the throes of Homework-Has-Taken-Over-My-Life-Land, with little time left over for socializing or blogging or much of anything else.  (Man, I did not miss this part of school.  At all.)  Even now, I should be reading about natural equivalence…or conversational implicatures…or globalization in East Asia…or common law versus civil law…but instead I’m telling my loyal followers (so loyal…aren’t all four of you cute?) what the deal is.

I haven’t forgotten my little blog here, do not fret.  Reviews are forthcoming!  They may just be a little delayed, that’s all. 🙂

Until next time!  (Dear next time, please get here quickly…)

Up until this point, I’ve only discussed films that are what we would call old.  “Old” in this context refers to a movie made at some point between roughly the ’20s and the ’40s, often in black and white, including actors who have almost all passed away by now.  If you look at the trailer for the next film on my list, The Artist, you may well think that this one is no different.  But in reality The Artist is very, very different—although it is a silent, black-and-white film, it was made in 2011, and that changes everything. Continue Reading »

The year 1936 reunited screen team William Powell and Myrna Loy in the first of several sequels to their enormously successful cheeky noir film The Thin Man.  This first sequel, After the Thin Man, boasted a mostly-new cast in addition to Powell, Loy, and Skippy (the dog who played Asta in the first few Thin Man movies), the most notable of whom was Jimmy Stewart in one of his first movies.  Here’s the original trailer, which is much less awkward than the one for The Thin Man. Continue Reading »