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It’s won more awards and made more top-ranking lists than you can shake a stick at.  It’s one of the most oft-quoted–and misquoted–films ever made.  It’s even got its own ride at Disney World, together with other classics such as The Wizard of Oz and Singin’ in the Rain.  It’s difficult–well-nigh impossible, in fact–to write or say anything about 1942’s Casablanca that hasn’t been written or said before.  So instead, I look to one of Herman Hupfeld’s most well-known songs to explain it.  This line from “As Time Goes By” is an apt summary of the film itself and why it has become a classic.



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I’m taking a break from my William Powell and Myrna Loy series to review one of the most well-known classic films of all time: 1942’s Casablanca.  In honor of the movie’s 70th anniversary, select theaters across the U.S. are showing it on the big screen again for one day only on March 21 at 7 pm.  You know I’m going to be there, and you should be too. (more…)

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