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You know, it’s a funny thing about classics.  No one seems to recognize one when it first appears; in fact, many are even vilified.  This phenomenon stretches across the boundaries of artistic endeavor.  Countless authors have found this to be the case from Jane Austen to J.R.R. Tolkien to James Joyce—each found difficulty in getting at least one or more of their works published at all, each experienced unappreciation (to put it nicely) upon publication, and each is now considered to be the author of at least one classic, if not more.  The case is similar with films.  No one involved in making movies seems to think they’re making a classic while they’re doing the work; only time proves the real value of their endeavors.  This was the case with Casablanca, and ten years later it was the same for 1952’s Singin’ in the Rain. (more…)


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Ladies and gentlemen!  This is a friendly reminder–or, if you are unaware of this event, a friendly announcement–that this Thursday, July 12, theaters across the country will be screening Singin’ in the Rain in celebration of the film’s 60th anniversary. (more…)

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No, this is not the Thin Man review.  I know, I know–I’m getting to it, I promise!  But I found out something really awesome, and I wanted to let all of you know about it right away.

Singin’ in the Rain 60th Anniversary Event (more…)

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