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Hey folks!  Yes, I am alive.  You may have been wondering given my long absence, but rest assured that I am still here.

I wanted to post a quick update in explanation of what’s going on at the moment and why it will likely be a while before I can post another review.  I have just begun a graduate program, and I am currently caught up in the throes of Homework-Has-Taken-Over-My-Life-Land, with little time left over for socializing or blogging or much of anything else.  (Man, I did not miss this part of school.  At all.)  Even now, I should be reading about natural equivalence…or conversational implicatures…or globalization in East Asia…or common law versus civil law…but instead I’m telling my loyal followers (so loyal…aren’t all four of you cute?) what the deal is.

I haven’t forgotten my little blog here, do not fret.  Reviews are forthcoming!  They may just be a little delayed, that’s all. 🙂

Until next time!  (Dear next time, please get here quickly…)


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