Preview: Notorious (1946)

Er, hi. Remember me? It’s been quite a while. During my unintentional hiatus, I did the following: finished my master’s (woo!); started my own business; entered a writing contest; and various other things. Continue Reading »


1963’s Charade is often referred to as “the best film Hitchcock never made.”  A suspenseful thriller with twists around just about every corner, the movie does seem like it would fit in with Hitchcock canon along the lines of To Catch A Thief and Rear Window.  The convoluted nature of the plot is the main reason the film is remembered; if you discount that, you’re left with a pretty run-of-the-mill thriller with little depth but big names on the marquee. Continue Reading »

Preview: Charade (1963)

One of the first Audrey Hepburn films I remember seeing–and one of the first classic films I remember seeing, along with The Thin Man–is 1963’s Hitchcock-esque Charade. Continue Reading »

I’ve just realized that I first posted my preview for 2011’s The Artist almost a year ago exactly…and I have yet to actually review it.  Oops.

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Many know her as Mary Poppins.  Or Maria Von Trapp.  Or the original Eliza Doolittle.  But before she played those roles, Julia Elizabeth Wells was known simply as “the little girl with the phenomenal voice.”  It was not until much later that she became the woman known and beloved by generations around the world as Julie Andrews. Continue Reading »

Hello all!  Today’s post will be fairly short.

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Hello all!  I have chosen a book for my first review.  The quote above comes from the first page.  Anyone recognize it?

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